Inspirational Carer/staff member of the Year 2014

Inspirational Carer/staff member OF THE YEAR  2014 as;

Myra Brown of Wellington House in Somerset.

Myra is evidently well loved by all the residents as she lights up their lives with all her energy and enthusiasm.   Every time I have been, she goes way beyond the call of duty by drawing every individual with her funny dances and cheerful manner.  She is kind and considerate and the sort of carer everyone of us would want to have.   Myra leaps into the actions of knees up mother brown where other, much younger staff would choose to sit and conserve their energies for the tiring jobs they do!

What is most extraordinary about Myra is that she has a real understanding of the things the elderly enjoy from their history.  From her years of experience and learning from them, she has a knowledge of the music and interests that really make the people she works with, tick.  It’s not often that a member of staff can make a suggestion to me about music I could use that I haven’t considered or researched myself in the last 25 years – but she can!  The last idea was innovative, inspired and unusual but will be universally enjoyed I’m sure.

Since Myra is about to retire, it is with sadness that I must say goodbye and thank her for ensuring that my visits to Wellington House have been thoroughly rewarding for both me and all the residents over recent years.   Here’s to one of the best Activiti Coordinators I’ve met – wishing you a very happy retirement!