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Ideal for use by Care staff and Activities coordinators stimulating a shared experience in your community setting, or on a one-to-one with a family member:

MUSIC & MEMORIES CD and Activities booklet priced at £11.99 inc. P&P

“We LOVE your CD. Well Done on producing that. We play parts of it at our Tea Dances at times and the residents love it.  It’s not the same as having you in person, but it’s great.”
– Heather Manktelow – Occupational therapist at Primley Court NH;  22 Oct 2013

56 songs performed by Rowena with professional musician (and sister) Erica Wilson on Keyboards. These pieces are a mixture of of her own favourites and a choice from her repertoire of over 600 old-Time favourites ranging from 1884-1983 and include Music Hall, traditional songs, dance tunes, war songs, film and show music. Instrumentation is vocals, ukulele-banjo, accordion and keyboard.

You can use this CD, which comes with an instruction booklet inside, as a tool to help you combine music and reminiscence yourself. By following the ideas and suggestions inside, you won’t need to know about the music yourself. With it you will be able to help elderly listeners engage with you, the music and each other – it’s all there. Guidance on topics and relevant people to reminisce about, suggestions of pictures to find and show, lyrics you can enlarge to use yourself or with others, actions to participate with and generally a lot of key information about the songs themselves for you to drop into the conversation to see where it takes you.

This CD is the next best thing when you haven’t got a live performer to sing along with. It is designed with the tracks running in a particular order with the mood and pace in mind – should you sometimes want to keep it running for the hour without stopping

The booklet is a unique addition; a valuable guide to this music to help other generations understand some of the possible connections made in the minds of elderly listeners. It is (necessarily) very small to keep together with the CD, but is easily enlarged on a photocopier/scanner if need be

Rowena Wilson lives in Cornwall. She has a keen interest in the history and detail of social/musical cultures relating to the 1920s, 30s and 40s and working with the elderly; which has lead to her development of Musical Reminiscence. She also teaches the violin and piano and composes.

Erica Wilson is a highly qualified musician, teacher and composer who lives in Sussex. She specialises in jazz on Double Bass and piano/keyboard and teaches both instruments in schools for the Music Service.

Both musicians are multi instrumentalists. This is their first recording together. Erica plays keyboard here, all other parts and vocals are Rowena.

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