A CD of music for the elderly and bed-bound – Music and Memories

Who would love these songs? A gift idea for seniors

Here are just a few suggestions for Rowena Wilson’s wonderful music for the elderly ‘Music and Memories’ CD, music for the elderly and bed-bound and anyone else who enjoys the wonderful music of this period.

Music for the elderly and bedridden - an ideal gift for the elderly and bedridden.
Music and memories makes an ideal gift for the elderly and bedridden. Click image for larger version

MUSIC & MEMORIES CD and Activities booklet priced at £11.99 inc. P&P. You can use this CD, which comes with an instruction booklet inside, as a tool to help you combine music and reminiscence yourself. 


“We LOVE your CD. Well Done on producing that. We play parts of it at our Tea Dances at times and the residents love it.  It’s not the same as having you in person, but it’s great.”
– Heather Manktelow – Occupational therapist at Primley Court NH;  22 Oct 2013

Inexpensive gifts for nursing home residents

The Musical Reminiscence CDs make perfect cheap gifts for assisted living residents or Christmas gifts for seniors in nursing homes. In thinking about who would most benefit from and enjoy, this CD, we came up with  few ideas to help you. These are just some of the searches that have led people to buy this wonderful CD:

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About the CD – Music for the elderly and bed-bound

‘Music and Memories’ features 56 songs performed by Rowena with professional musician (and sister) Erica Wilson on Keyboards. These pieces are a mixture of of her own favourites and a choice from her repertoire of over 600 old-Time favourites ranging from 1884-1983, including Music Hall, traditional songs, dance tunes, war songs, film and show music. Instrumentation is vocals, ukulele-banjo, accordion and keyboard.

The Songs

There are 12 tracks but each has several songs, in a medley.  56 songs in all. 

  • Hello, who’s your lady friend?
  • Let’s all go down the Strand
  • I do like to be beside the seaside
  •   Ship Ahoy!Hold your hand out, you naughty boy!


  • The happy wanderer /California
  • Run Rabbit run
  • Hang out the washing on the Siegfreid line
  • Kiss me goodnight Sgt. Major
  • Wish me luck


  • Sonny Boy
  • You’ll never know /Please
  • If I had a talking picture


  • Sunny side of the street
  • Let’s face the music and dance
  • You do something to me
  • Count your blessings and smile
  • The more we are together


  • It’s a sin to tell a lie
  • When I grow too old to dream
  • When you and I were 17
  • let the rest of the world go by
  • True Love
  • Where the blue of the night


  • Serenade in Blue
  • Llaby of the leaves
  • There’s a long, long trail a winding
  • Keep the homes fires burning
  • Just a song at Twighlight (Love’s old sweet song)


  • I like a nice cup of tea
  • Swannee River
  • Waiting for the Robert E Lee


  • Charlston
  • Gold Diggers song /Tootsie
  • Five foot two
  • Melancholy baby
  • Whispering


  • Que Sera, sera
  • The anniversary waltz
  • I want to sing in Op-op-opera
  • Why am I always the bridesmaid?


  • Side by side
  • Shine on harvest moon
  • On mother Kelly’s doorstep
  • Lily of Laguna/Underneath the arches


  • Pal of my cradle days
  • I’ll be loving you Always/I wonder who’s kissing her now
  • If those lips cod only speak


  • My old Dutch/Roamin’ in the Gloamin’
  • Show me the way to go home


About Rowena Wilson

Rowena Wilson lives in Cornwall. She has a keen interest in the history and detail of social / musical cultures relating to the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s and working with the elderly; which has lead to her development of Musical Reminiscence. She also teaches the violin and piano and composes.

MUSIC & MEMORIES CD and Activities booklet priced at £11.99 inc. P&P