Let’s Celebrate Good Care

I’m delighted to introduce my long awaited first Blog!  My work takes me all over the South and the South West visiting Nursing/Care homes and Day Centres for the elderly and this gives me an opportunity to share some of the great things I’ve seen.

So often I see wonderful examples of exceptionally caring staff, who really have the personality, empathy, kindness and common sense to enable the least able person to get the most out of my sessions.  Often, they are not even the specialist Activities Coordinators and have had no special training, but their input has made an extraordinary difference to the experience of everyone taking part, particularly the most frail and confused participants.

Since we tend to hear horror stories about poor quality in our care homes, I wanted to let everyone celebrate some under sung heroes with me – we have some GREAT carers!!

I therefore intend to make an Award for exceptional Carer each month to a member of staff that has demonstrated many or all of the qualities on the downloadable guide on this site; ‘ BEST PRACTICE guide – How to make the most of group work opportunities (for staff in elderly residential settings).

I’m not going to just pick anyone to fit the bill.  If I don’t see anyone who comes up to the standard of previous winners, it will be empty that month.  But with the skill and willing I’ve seen in many homes, finding worthy winners will not be difficult to achieve amongst the number of homes I visit per month! To start the ball rolling, I will start 2015 by identifying the Inspirational Carer/staff member of 2014.  Please see my next entry. Happy reading!