Inspirational Carer/staff member of January 2015

Inspirational Carer/staff member of JANUARY 2015 is;

Sue Levick of Kenwith Castle in NorthDevon.

Sue is just the best at her job. Since she took over as Activities Coordinator at Kenwith, the whole atmosphere has improved dramatically.    Not only is there more, fully attended activities, but the personal tastes of each resident are really addressed and Sue is incredibly good at encouraging participation in everything.  I really look forward to visits there now, knowing that she will have personally encouraged everyone to come along and delight in her residents trying on my hats!

Sue understands the cultural interests of the generations she works with and, uniquely, encourages the staff to changed the radio from music that they enjoy, to the sounds that residents enjoy hearing.   If only there were more homes that realised that many elderly people hate modern music and wouldn’t have it in their own homes!  Well done Sue for being such an inspiration at Kenwith.